Could texlaxing tame this? How do i take care of tex laxed hair?

I have waist length 3c hair i want to tame down a bit. it is so out of control. it's crazy frizzy and huge by the end of the day. i think the length has made it considerably looser, especially around the outer layers but the bulkiness - oh my. would texlaxing help bring down the bulk?

if i were to get it texlaxed with phytospecific relaxer 1, could I take care of it like you would natural hair?

I usually cowash with conditioner daily and shampoo every third day. Could I keep that up?

I probably would have to deep condition more, right? I'm just new to the texlaxing thing- hence my silly questions.

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I don't know if texlaxing is your best solution but if you've tried less drastic measures like deep treatments more often, gels or other stylers, and or things like oil rinses or henna than maybe it is the best route for you.

I personally don't treat my texlaxed hair any differntly than my natural hair. The only difference as far as my routine is concerned is that I can detangle and style a whole lot faster. But I also have coarse, resistant hair that can take a lot.You might find that you at least need more protein after texlaxing...
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I have tried other approaches. I hadn't considered henna though as somone told me that this could make my coarse, porous hair even poofier. She suggested rhassoul clay instead.

Do you think the henna would bring down the volume?
I was just thinking about henna giving the hair weight but it can also make strands thicker.
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I don't know. All I can say from my experience is if you do tex-lax, use a LYE relaxer. I tex-laxed with No-lye and it CREATED a really bad frizz problem for me.
Well, I think you may regret the tex-laxing as I did. It works wonderfully, AT FIRST..... then the new growth come in......Hated it!!!! When the new growth comes in you get major shrinkage. since your hair is waist length maybe you won't mind or notice. Another problem is that as you continue to tex-lax, each time you do it and rinse your hair the "old" curls continue to loosen with each rinse of the relaxer. Let's call it what it is a relaxer. I didn't realize that after doing my research. Same Ph balance as a relaxer just kept on less time and/or not worked in. Before I knew it, I no longer had ringlets but wavy even straight ends. I really regretted. then I started flat ironing my hair and that was all she wrote. I lost any sign of curl whatsoever. Had to big chop. One good thing though. because I've already done it, there's no curiosity there for me. I'm telling you, you will regret it. the henna is great!!! I love it. it adds weight to the hair and once you figure out how to do it, it's quick and easy. But interestingly enough, I can do a deep conditioner with any cheap conditioner, honey and EVOO and sit under a heating cap 20 minutes and pretty much get the same results so I think vkb247 has some good advice. Personally when I read your qustion, the first thing that came to my mind was a good haircut. You should try that first. Have you ever gone to get a Devacut? They're great. Would probably do the trick. Do you use gel? they also work wonders and control. if you dont' like the stiffness that it give you just spray on a combo of water and glycerin to the hair before or afterward and voila! soft curls. like a little of glycerin and a lot more water. all depends on the humidity where you live. you can experiment.
Have you looked into curly salons in your area? They offer "softening" think it is similar as textlaxing, but since curly is their specialty you will probably get better results and they can teach you how to care and style it. It will loosen your curl and they can do spot treatment where you need it. I had ouidad softening done last week.

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