How Can You Tell if You Have Heat Damage?

Hi, ladies. Just wondering. I mean, my curls are still intact, but my twists have hairs coming out of them. Is this normal? Are these split ends or heat damage? Any recommendations?
Help, please!
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"Hairs coming out"....are they short or long? Long strands are usually shed hairs, with a little white bulb at the top where they used to be connected to the follicle. Those are nothing to worry about. Everybody sheds about 100 hairs a day. Short strands are breakage. Here's some more info on heat and other types of damage.... Stop Hair Damage Before it Starts - Articles | Hair Liberty :: Free Yourself HTH
thanks so much for replying! i have short, and considering that i've just mini-chopped the back, i guess it's just where i need to go back over with the shears. i also find that i easily get single strand knots, which could also be part of the problem. i'll definitely read that link! thanks again!

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