Should I relax my Edges or is there a solution?

So im currently transitioning to natural and its been 15 months and I feel I know I will more or less be a mix of 3c/4a/4b a lil of everything up in here. And throughout all these months Ive had enough growth everywhere BUT my edges. They are half an inch long and after the relaxed hair broke off they have remained that long. They are these iny tiny curls that are too short for me to straighten when I wear my hair straight I cant do many styles since I must disguise them and whem wearing other styles I try gelling them down but it takes a good hour because even though I do the brush gel and scarf method they pop right back up. My sister has 3a hair and has 3c edges which she relaxes because they stay short like mine. Im ready to perm or burn them off, or is there a secret way for them to grow? ( p.S) im not sure if its alopecia or something because my mom and sister have the same problem, and when i was relaxed my edges were still thick they just never retained length.

I posted an example of my edges of darkness
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Edge control by olive oil organic root stimulator, it will smoothen it out or you could use la bella defining pomade(water based). Both work wonders. I use them on mine
I, too, had a problem with thin edges until I started using castor oil. (thanks to reading about it on the NC message boards) I purchased the NOW brand at the VitaminShoppe. I apply at night so it can soak in by morning and the greasiness is gone. HTH!
I think your hair looks great! Some people just genetically have alot of "baby hair". Do other women if your family have it? If not, check your manipulation and styling. Applying products won't do you any good until you find out why it's shorter. High tension styles and brushing are just examples of how edges can be significantly shorter than the rest.
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