No Lye Relaxers verse Perms

Okay, my daughter has wavy coarse hair. She has autism and does not do hair styling. She brushes her hair without looking in a mirror, pulls up her hood on her jacket and arrives at school looking like a hurricane hit her head. I tried a no lye relaxer that was suppose to be for sensitive scalps. There was nothing in the box to protect her scalp and she said it burned and I couldn't leave it on her the amount of time it said to. So she's a little less wavy for now but it will not last. Which is more damaging, a no lye relaxer or a perm? Which is less likely to burn her scalp? She has short hair and wants to wear it short so the really important thing is something that won't burn her skin. She's white, her hair is thick, strong, and coarse and she's got lots of it. When I've had perms to curl my hair, the solution was liquid and way easier to put on than the creamy no lye relaxer I tried on her. I feel that when I do her roots some of the solution will probably over-lap, I'm no expert. I don't want to melt her hair by putting a perm over relaxed hair either. What is my best bet to get her straight and keep the hair strong and not burn her?
Depending on if you are trying to get her totally straight or just chill her hair out is going to determine which one you should use. I personally would recommend a perm so it can be short and curly, that way you wouldn't have to worry about the roots as much. With a relaxer the roots become more obvious.

As for her sensitive scalp you can use vasaline as a protective cream applied around her hairline. Then, apply cotton on top of that, doing so will catch drips and protect her scalp more.

Definitely avoid overlapping product which can cause serious breakage.

Hope this helps.

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