Will it straighten my hair?

I've already relaxed my hair once- I had 2b/c hair with naturally straight roots, but it was SO thick [still is] and had some curls. I really wanted bone straight hair.

The relaxer barely changed my hair. All the stupid thing did what dry my hair out and deform the curls/waves. And I used the strongest relaxer I could find. I even followed the directions exactly!

So this time I'm going to a salon to get it done, hopefully pin straight. Do you people think it will work? Is it worth it?
I think your lucky to have thick hair with naturally straight roots. A relaxer won't thin your hair out unless its causing breakage. Maybe try using smoothing products and a get a good blow dry before the flat iron. And maybe a trim? HTH.

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I don't use flat irons any more. They make my hair straight, yes, but puffier than heck. No matter what heat protectant/smoothing product I use, it dries my hair out and makes it a big puff. Blow dryers add way too much volume also. And I'm not much of a person to go through all that struggle every day just to get puffball hair when I could just get a relaxer and flat hair and keep it that way.

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