My lovely classic QOD MAX is gone

Hello from Greece!
this is my first post and I'm hapy that I become member of this forum!
As you understand from the title I'm a HUGE fan of BKT. I have only tried the QOD MAX (the classic formula) and I have repeat it three times so far.
But now I realize that they discontinue it...
What do you girls and boys whose fan of the original formula will do?
Any alternatives but with the same straightening and glossy strength of the original QOD MAX?
Nooooooo!!!!!! I can't believe this! I love QOD Max. What to do now? My hair has been a dream since I started using QOD Max.
You can still find some sellers on e-bay but as long as the product discontinued, these listings wont be there for long.
Heyy!! Ellada edw! xaxaxaxa
K egw Qod xrhsimopoiousa kai twra den 3erw ti na parw..

So..I also use QOD max , I contacted keratin4u from where I got my last original one and they told me there are left some bottles of QOD red original.
The old products had 3-4% formaldehyde
so they had to discontinue it.
I think that no brand is able to sell products with f/hyde any longer beacause of FDA.
If you know a store that sells strong products please let me know!

Check the list with dangerous products. Here are all the brands found to use formaldeyhde in their keratins! It seems to be pretty accurate, but im not really sure
See the brands Hair Straighteners
GREEK: Egw agorasa to teleytaio moy mpoykali apo edw:Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Hair Treatment 100ml | eBay

I bought my last QOD MAX bottle from the link above. It comes with 100mls of a treatment + 100ml of clarifying shampoo. I use 50mls for my shoulder length hair so it's enough for two applications. I tried it and it seems good, not diluted, scam or anything...
Hi QOD MAX lovers!!

We will have KeraPremium professional really soon and the formula will have aldehyde compounds. We are only bringing the formula back after so many customers requesting. We do advise everyone to transition to the new formulas QOD OrganiQ or KeraPremium with no aldehyde since these are the treatments that will stay in the market. In other countries Max OrganiQ is a huge success and the Gold OrganiQ also is a great seller specially to those that the hair is very damaged.
Anyone interested send us an email so we can reserve the product for you since this will be a limited edition stock.

Thank you

Oops wrong thread, sorry!

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Hi everyone. After so many request we now have the MAX Original formula back but with a new name. The formula now is called KeraPremium original BKT system and its already listed on Ebay and soon will be listed on our website. You can also place an order by calling our office at 18007311830.
Any questions let us know.

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