Heat Damage! :( Help

So i've never had bad heat damnage before, I use heat protection and everything.
But i brought a new flat iron called one & only argan, and let me warn you if you like wearing your hair curly and straight don't buy it. I put it on a low level and it still messed up my beautiful 3c hair The back got the most damage..
-So my question is what is a recovery process I can do,cause I miss my hair
Hey, sorry about the damage. Some individuals have used an intense protein treatments like aphogee which caused some reversion. The treatments would be repeated (look on youtube). If this doesn't work, you could either cut the damaged ends now or just hold on to them until you reach a goal length (but do intense conditioning).
I've had pretty bad heat damage (like I didn't have a relaxer at all but when I washed my usually 4a/3c strands were nearly bone straight ).

I did 1-2 good protein treatment each week followed by 2 deep conditioning treatments (you should always follow PT treatments with a deep condition to restore moisture). It took two weeks for most of my curls to bounce back. More came back over the next 2-4 months (with less treatments per month being used) and at 6 months I decided that the few remaining pieces of still somewhat straight hair were probably never going to revert and I snipped them off.

It worked for me. I hope you find something that works for you! Give it a little time, I'm sure most, if not all, of your curls should bounce back.
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Goodluck girly.

I have major heat damage and most of hair was BKT'd so what I'm doing is no more heat of course plus apogee protein treatments followed by neutrogenea triple moisture deep treatments once a week. The products are coming in the mail so I'll be starting next week sometime. Hope it works!
Current State: Just bc'd but still growing out heat damage in the front that goes to the root
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Protein and moisture. Beef up your protein use and follow with good moisturizing conditioners and leave-in moisturizers.

It takes my hair a couple of days to bounce back after straightening. It seems the longer it gets the longer it takes to bounce back. LOL.
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OMG, the same thing happened to me with the same flat iron, I seriously cried after I saw what it had done to my curls, my hair is terrible now, this happened 2 days ago. HELP :'(

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