Damaged scalp from relaxed?

I have been transitioning since october and I just realized why I have breakage and itchy dandruff in one spot (chemical burn from when I was getting relaxers) and I may have scrapped it off before in the past. How do I get rid of this? It's really irritating
Sometimes it bleeds if I scratch it a little.

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My scalp is so sensitive that when I got relaxers I burned whether I scratched or not. Plus my hair is chemically resistant so the stylists would leave it in even when I told them I was burning. Anyway when I asked what to do about the scabs one told me to use Neosporin so that's what I'm suggesting to you. And stop picking at it so it can heal.

I can't believe I use to put myself through that but I grew up with a mother who told me having chemicals in my hair with smells so strong they made me throw up was part of being a woman. She say "You have to suffer to beautiful". Now I know that's bs.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
Lol yeah, thank you. I'm definitely going to try it(:

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Well I have a relaxer in my hair right now but it's the 1 that just makes my curls looser instead of my hair straight. And when i got my relaxer the stylist said if I had any itchiness to call her because she had a cream to stop that. So I would recommend to go to a hair salon and ask them and see if they can help.Good luck!
I agree with the neosporin. Also, my hairdresser used to use tea tree conditioner or shampoo to stop the itching. Hope this helps!

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