I notice a few posts talk about a diffuser. How is it different from a regular blow dryer? Can u still use it to dry your hair like a blow dryer?
A diffuser is a little different than using just the regular blow dryer. The diffuser has this weird looking circular attachment that goes on the end of the blow dryer, and it helps to separate the air particles and does two great things for people with curly hair. 1 - helps to prevent or at least limit the amount of frizz for us curly heads (YES!!!!!) and 2 - helps to prevent heat damage that you would get from direct heat (from the regular blow dryer), which is always appreciated.

To answer the second part of your question, yes you would use the diffuser to dry your hair just like a regular blow dryer to dry your hair EXCEPT it's best to use the diffuser with your hair upside down. Trust me it makes your curls so nice, full, and bouncy. You can blow dry it right side up if you wish, but I've found I get more body and bounce doing it upside down.

Hope that helps! Happy Diffusing!
I could not be without my diffuser! It makes a real difference to my curls. The person who invented it is a genius in my eyes!
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