How do I apply a texturizer for the first time?

I'm 4a/4b, and not that I don't like my natural hair, it's just, I need manageability and don't have multiple hours a day detangle and style. I have about 5 inches and have never texturized straight from my natural state. I still want to retain my coil/curl pattern.

1. What is the best product?

2. Do I apply to the root and ends?

3. Is it supposed to be combed through, smoothed out?

4, Is it done on wet hair?
Hi everyone. I did the texturizer! I used regular Silk Elements texturizer. It was on for a total of 12-13 minutes because I was really afraid that it wold turn out straight...
Acutally, the results were much softer hair that's easy to detangle. It loosened my curls, but not too much, from 4a/4b to 3c/4a. I still have my fro

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