How to straighten ends?

I recently got a keratin treatment and my hair feels great. Everything's really soft and smooth. However, When I took a hot shower a couple of sections frizzed pretty drastically. I flat ironed those sections, however my ends feel nothing like the sections my stylist flat irons. I just cut off four inches of damage, and my ends are pretty split free and blunt. When I flat ironed it my ends felt rough and would not get completely straight and the shaft of my hair.

I'm really frustrated because I am moving soon to a place where I won't have access to a stylist who knows African American hair. I'm not sure if there is an issue with my tools, my stylist used a FHI straightner while I used a pretty old andis ceramic. However, even when I had a chi I felt like I had to do many passes and excessive heat to get anywhere near salon results. It's so frustrating, sometimes I feel like I am my wits end with my curls. Help please!
It sounds like your ends might be damaged. Have you tried the comb chasing method while flat ironing? That helps a lot with smoothing down the ends.
Use a better flat iron. I use Karmin G3 and it's been wonderful. Also you may need to get more cut off, your ends are still dry and damaged.

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