Decided to straighten my hair

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I cut it too! I'm really enjoying it straight even tho I prefer curls it's nice to have fuss free hair for a couple days. I feel like I might start straightening once every 4months or so. Feels good to switch things up every now and then. Any curlies straighten every now and then?


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Your hair looks beautiful. I'm with you and have been feeling the same way lately. I also think it goes with the type of clothes I wear more. I've been alternating between straight and curly almost every other week for the past 3 months now.

Don't get me wrong I like my curls but, it's so much easier and less time consuming plus it's long when straight and that's fun for a change too. If I didn't workout so much I'd wear it straight all the time it's just the style I'm into right now.
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Hi ness223,

Wow your hair is so long, especially when straight. I often straighten mine after washing and let it go into waves that curl at the ends. On the third day it looks great. I only wash my hair about once a week (something which alarms and disgusts straight haired people! They don't get the whole it doesn't get greasy thing... lol)

I use Frizz Ease Thermal protection serum at the mo but do you recommend an alternative? It's so important to protect hair from heat. Straightening seemed like a really big deal to me before I started doing it. Now I love having options and it's easier to maintain until the next wash.

Straightening is fine as long as it's not too often and you always use protection...! I'd never do it daily, hair would be wrecked after a while!

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