Any curlies here straighten side bangs?

I have very long side swept bangs past my chin. I clip them back alot when I wear the rest of my hair with mousse, but find it's easyier to just straighten them when I clip them back. (Because if I don't it just fights the bobby pins allll day long)

Is this damaging my hair very badly? Do other curlies do this?
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Straightening hair regularly can get very damaging. Have you considered losing the bangs so you can just leave your hair the way it is?

Try not to straighten often, too much heat is damaging on anything.
I have side bangs that are just about under my brow and I straighten them. They look out of control if I don't. Just make sure you use heat protector when you do it!
Honestly, since they are bangs... I mean you should be careful about heat damage, but you will be constantly cutting them to keep them short so you'll probably end up cutting off the heat damage anyway. I don't know, it's up to you. The worst that will happen is you'll have heat damage that will leave your hair kind of straightish/give you split ends, etc... and you'll have to cut the damage off, which will be fairly simple with bangs since you can grow them out easily. It's your call.
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i have to straiten my blunt bangs when ever i wear them strait across, however most days they go to the side and i don't really care.

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I have side bangs and I also straighten them but now im begining to stop because my bangs have turned straight there not curly like the rest of my hair they are straight.

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