From 3a/3b to 1, is this possible?

Hi everyone,

I'm a 3a/3b (3b at the root, then 3a for the rest of the curl) with shoulder length colored hair. My hair is very soft and thick (and prone to frizz) I did the Brazilian Keratin a few years ago and it didn't make my hair straighter permanently (like I thought it would) it just minimized the curl for about 2 weeks, then it went back to curls and frizz

I'd love to cut my hair in a short bob and do an Olivia Munn type look, if I relax it will it be completely straight? Is it possible to go from a 3 to a 1? What is the best relaxer out there? I don't want to do a relaxer and then have to blow dry or use a flat iron in order to get it straight, I just want to wash, let it dry and go.

Thank you so much any feedback is appreciated!
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Ok I've had relaxers before, made my hair barely wavy not straight, but my hair is curlier than yours. It literally took me minutes to straighten.

I'd consult with a stylist you trust, they'll give you the run down on it. I wouldn't do from a box the first time. Touch ups maybe, not the first go.

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