It's straight but still poofy.

Hey guys,
So...I don't straighten my hair often and some of it may be inexperience but even with a Chi, my hair doesn't come out the way I want it and I'm beginning to think I will never be happy with straight hair. Above is a link to a picture of my hair this morning after straightening it. I deep conditioned it, put Beyond the Zone Smooth serum in it before blow drying it, used Beyond thenZone Heat it Up spray while I flat ironed it. Yes, it's straight but it looks straightened; it is still big and poofy and doesn't look like a "normal" person's straight hair. Maybe it's something I'm doing or not doing so if you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them. Thank you.
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hey there,
I think it may be inexperience because the top of your head on the left side still looks a bit wavy, also maybe your not using the chi on a high enough temperature for your hair. I usually blow dry my hair damp, i don't let it dry otherwise it becomes puffy and make sure to take small sections at a time. it may take forever but you'll get faster at it soon enough, and the best thing is that now i no longer need to use a ghd or a straightener after i blow dry it and trust me it took me long enough.

hope that helps!
good luck

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