Flatironed with Cocoa Butter

I didn't smell any burning, and I did it on somewhere between 275 and 302 degrees. My hair came out shinier than usual and has lasted a week without any issues. I have even worked out several times and sweated- my roots only reverted a little bit. It feels like the cocoa butter blocked moisture out better than any silicone products I have used before. I have also been using a few drops of Vatika coconut oil and shea butter every night to tie my hair up, but I have always done that. I'm pretty sure its the cocoa butter.

Before I flatironed, I had already blowdried with cool air using KMS Hot Flex creme and some other blowdrying type of mousse (brand is Organix).

The thing that confuses me is I can't find much information on if and whether it would be a bad thing to use it. Has anyone used cocoa butter and know what kind of heat it can withold with hair?

No heat since August 2015

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Nope, but that sounds GREAT!! I wanna try! Did u get any damage?
Nope, but that sounds GREAT!! I wanna try! Did u get any damage?
Originally Posted by MixedGoldiLocks
No damage, I really can't believe it but my hair feels softer and the curls clumped together better!

When washed my hair yesterday, it took a few minutes to get the cocoa butter and oils off my hair, and after I deep conditioned I airdried with GF Triple Nutrition & some more cocoa butter/shea butter and oil.

I have a hard time keeping my hair curly without having to rewash/rinse it everyday. But I think with all the cocoa butter it will keep my hair soft and stretched out for a few days. And it works great on my straight hair too, so I hope I don't see any problems down the road.

No heat since August 2015

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