Tips for Staightening Bangs?

So after 3 years of wearing my hair long and curly (3a/2c), I got bored of it and let my sister snip my bangs. I needed a change and wanted something edgier.

Now I need some tips on straightening my bangs. I dont use shampoo regularly, so any protective products need to be residue free. Plus I would prefer as little product use as possible so that my forehead doesnt break out. I was thinking just some aloe vera gel....?

I dont need them to be stick straight. I'm fine with some wavy in them. But I do need to tame my cowlick on the right side of my bangs.
Would it be better for my hair to blow dry them straight (ish) rather than using a flat iron?

Unfortunately because it is my bangs, I would need to do this on a regular basis.. Every other day or so. (maybe less when I return to Uni because I wont have time to deal with them!)

Anyone have tips on taming my bangs while preventing damage?

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when i wear my bangs strait across I blow dry them straight. maybe use a straightener if needed. then spritz with a little hairspray, drying I know. but it holds so well. i use: Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray. I found a trial size and its free of protein, cones, paraben, and glycerin.

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