Tips to stop straightening hair?

So ever since I could remember, I could tie my hair up in a high, tight, ponytail. When I started middle school I'd leave my hair down, but straighten it most of the time. Now some parts of my hair are straight. And right when the roots start, my hair isn't curly anymore. I need to put alot of moouse to keep the curls in my hair. I finger comb my hair in the shower only. I use Pantene curly hair shampoo & conditioner. When I get out of the shower, I put herbal essences moouse. Then I plop for 20-30 minutes. Help! I want my hair to be curly and volumeous. It's getting pretty thin. HELP PLEASE! I'm desprate!
Just stop straightening. That's the first step. If you can't do it you'll continue having heat damage on your hair.
I used to have the same problem. Some people say that the damage is reversible but in my experience it is not. It would be best if you grew it out.
I have grown it out and I don't use any more heat on my hair other than a blow dryer (occasionally). And it just doesn't seem to work. I have 2-SOMETIMES-3 hair because of what happened it's really rare if I have a type 3 hair.
Maybe your hair changed because of puberty,some people's hairs get looser at that time and stay that way.

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