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Strictlylilbit 12-29-2012 08:04 AM

Heat damage should I just shave it all off and start over
I've been natural for almost a year but never truly taken care of my hair. I've bleached it twice and dyed it countless time. Just because that's something I couldn't do with a relaxer. Yesterday I straighten it for the second time. First time a damaged a small part in the front that I just cut out and moved on. This time I was extra careful my flat iron was on 250 and I used heat protection. Now if my hair didn't look like a jheri curl before it definitely looks like now. I'm okay with most of it but the very back is completely with a curl at the root and a curl at the end.

itstor247 01-08-2013 10:11 PM

I say it depends on how much you want your curls back. If you know that after shaving your hair off, your only going to go back to the same habits then I'd say there was no point. But if your going take better care and caution when processing your hair it might be worth it. Not to mention if you like rocking the shorter haired look, shaving it off again may be another fun hair "adventure" to do(:

Ericachristina 01-11-2013 02:13 PM

When I started out I had some heat damage on the ends of hair around my face. I had never dyed my hair or used chemicals but I did love my flat iron. I chose not to cut off the damaged parts until my hair grew. I have long hair, always have but I didn't want to just go chopping off a huge part at the front. I took care of my hair and when it grew in long and healthy I cut off the damaged parts. My curls are back curlier than ever and I hardly use heat on my hair now. I don't think you always have to go cutting off drastic amounts of hair at the first sign of damage.

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