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I didn't know where else to post this. I'm seriously considering a pixie, not because I don't like my curls but because I'm entering nursing school and I'm an Air Force ROTC program. Curly hair isn't really ideal right now. I have a heart shaped and I want to do this cut (which based on my research it's a good cut for my shaped face). This first picture it the cut I would like to attempt and the second is me with my daughters. Advice, thoughts, etc. are welcome. Thanks in advance
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From my experience, pixie cuts don't really work with curly hair.
Short hair does, though. Not quite as short as a pixie cut, but shoulder-length hair or just above the shoulder is as short as I like to go. I find longer curls more difficult to look after.
You could try a pixie cut, but I've never seen a curly one, so I don't know how it would turn out.
I've had a lot of short hair cuts. My favorite short-and-curly was very flapper style. The stylist cut my hair dry and sort of shaped the sections of wave around my face. It may be just my hair direction, etc., but it looked really good and didn't require a lot of styling.

If your hair grows very curly right from the root, however, it could go kinda wrong... I can see that being a little odd. Most pixie cuts, like Ginnifer Goodwin's (she's lovely!) look good when pushed toward the face. Do you have root curl or cowlicks that would make that difficult?
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It depends on how curly it is w/o manipulation. My hair loses its curl as it gets shorter.

The thing that sucks is growing it out. I've been growing it out for 3 years! Its frustrating. My hair grows slowly.

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be very careful --- I got a pixie cut about a month ago -- I feel like someone's little grandma with all these little curls on my head -- would like some advice on how to relax these little curls (just a bit!) until my hair grows out. A short curly bob works best for us curlies, I think.
Okay so I have curls similar to yours when short. I was considering going back to a former pixie, but after pregnancy, I have tiny little hairs coming back in after the massive shed. Those tiny hairs are super curly, which makes me wonder if my texture changed after pregnancy and might look less stellar as a pixie...I definitely don't want a curly pixie, but a sleek one. However, with the right curls, it is doable. You need a good stylist, though. Last time my hair I think was left way too thick, which meant extra styling time. I did have to flat-iron it. Here's a few pics actually:


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