Frequent Flat Ironing Ruined My Curls

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I went blonde about 1 1/2-2 years ago and my curls were still there and really pretty, even after bleaching. I even flat ironed my hair myself for a few months for about an hour each time. It was really damaged. It looked and felt like straw. But the curls came back. Anyway, for a while I was going to this horrible hair dresser. She straightened my hair with a blowdryer and GHD flat iron (mine is a GHD too but this one was extremely hot, maybe like 400 degrees). My cheeks turned red and felt hot, it was that hot. She didn't use heat protectant, just Moroccan oil. And she did this several times. Now my curls are ruined. They don't curl the same. It's just a mix of curls/waves/straight hair. And I hate it, it makes me so sad! I want my curls back but it will take forever to grow back! Is there a way to get my curls back now? I've also had a semi-permanent toner put on my hair a lot but that never ruined my curls so I don't think that's what did it.
Oh and I rotate between Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Moisturizing Shampoo (Sulfate free), Curly Sexy Hair Moisturizing Shampoo (Sulfate free), and Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo (contains sulfate). I notice when I use the Dove the curls look much better but it's dry and frizzy cause it contains sulfate.
I hope this helps!

I straightened my hair for YEARS! I'm talking freshman year of high school til now, and I'm 24. I used a flat iron and curling iron every single day, and also did relaxing and keratin straighteners. I also highlighted the crap out of it. I still get highlights a few times a year, bet definitely not as harshly as I used to.

I got to the point where I didn't even think I HAD curly hair anymore. Then I visited my sister in the carribbean and wasn't able to use any heat stylers. It was my nightmare. But I started to realize that my hair still had a little curl to it.

This is what I started to do: I slept in conditioner several nights a week, and mixed it with Lanza's Trauma Treatment

I CAN NOT RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT ENOUGH FOR GIRLS LIKE US!!!! LANZA TRAUMA TREATMENT. It is NOT cheap, but it is worth every penny. The company was made to repair hair, and this stuff transformed my hair from 10 years of damage to beautiful, soft ringlets. When I went in to get my first curly cut, my stylist said she couldn't believe I had done so much damage to my hair because they were some of the most beautifully shaped curls she had ever seen. Trauma treatment is magic, and smells amazing.

So i started using only conditioner. I'm a big fan of loreal Naturals and treseme (because it comes in a big bottle for cheap and makes my hair super soft). I used Deva curl for a while and it just made my hair WAY too greasy. I also use deva anGel sometimes, but have since switched to mixing a gloss/oil (Fantasia Colorgloss for blondes - makes my hair SO soft and shiny!) with Redkin's ringlets 07 creme, because i felt like the anGel made my hair too dry, and after all the damage, I hated the dry-hair feeling. I also used the trauma treatment in place of a leave-in conditioner. I never use shampoo, unless I'm going to straighten my hair that day, then I use just a little.

After I felt like my hair had gotten as curly as it was gonna get (about 2 months in), I went to a salon that specialized in curly cuts. I can't tell you how much of a difference that made. Even though most of my hair was culy, there was still about two inches of hair that was just damaged beyond repair from all the chemicals and just had to go away.

I can almost guarantee you'll have some straight ends too, but while you're repairing you hair, you can't really tell what might bounce back. I wore my hair in a side braid with some curls hanging down the front almost EVERY day while I was fixing it, and it actually looked really pretty. Now that it's cut I wear it down almost every day.

Woah! just realized how long this was. I hope there is some info in there that will help you!
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Deep conditioning is the first step. I would do this several times to get all the moisture back, and this may help revive some of the curls.
Then, scrunch your hair with styling mousse. On the days that you don't wash your hair, use hair milks and conditioner spray.
And I would say probably let any colour grow out. I had my hair highlighted, and it's been in better condition since I let majority of the highlights grow to the tips.
I used to flat iron my hair for about a year, every single day. I didn't even use heat protectants. My 3b-3c curls were basically waves with random loose curls. I haven't flat iron my hair for about 2-3 years now and my hair is now in tighter curls than it ever has been. Something that has really helped me is using Moroccan oil, leaving a deep conditioner on overnight, and coconut oil/ egg hair masks. You just need to moisturize. -hope this helps
Omg ikr!!! I flat iron my hair myself & its jus fine but when i go to a shop its complete damage. :'(

Sure it looks straighter but its definitely not worth it.

Deep condition weekly & take a break from blow drying & flat iron!

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