stuck in the middle?

I have bangs, and I absolutely hate the way they look curly. Theyre much curlier than the rest of my hair and they're too thick to put behind my ear so they hang in my face and make me look 12. I've tried every kind of style, braiding, pulling back, etc., and nothing has worked.

My bangs are much more manageable when they're straight. However, I can't just straighten my bangs and not the rest of my hair so lately I've been straightening all of my hair. I don't want to do this because I know it's bad for my hair and I do like my curls (the non-bang curls) but what other option do I have?

Any suggestions? Thank you.
I find that bangs actually look nice when they are straight, and the rest of the hair is curly. Lots of people wear it like that. However, if you don't want to, you could try parting your bangs a different way. I used to have a heavy fringe which would never stay straight, so I parted it into a center parting, which I find much easier because it doesn't matter if they go curly, it looks prettier.
You could try putting your bangs into a center parting. Or, you can clip them behind your ear, straighten them first, so the bangs are not too thick. I've found both of these methods effective.

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