Damaged Curls...*sigh

I have severely damaged curls from straightening. I straighten normally on 375 degrees F. I need some help to restore my curls OR how to care for them in my journey. I have gone to a professional salon already and cut a good amount off but i just feel like im starting from scratch again, almost as if im still transitioning. I am currently using MoroccanOil products that i used when i was transitioning, any additional tips?! PLEASE help !
A couple years ago I had some heat damage from years of repeated flat ironing when I didn't know any better. It takes a while for the damage to grow out and for your hair to regain its health so you really have to have patience.

My hair has recovered and it is very long and healthy now. I'm modified curly girl in that I still use some products with silicone but I did stop flat ironing for a long time until my hair recovered. I didn't use anything harsh, no sulfates, no dye ect.
I invested in a pair of hair shears and trimmed or dusted my ends when ever I needed to.
I also made sure my hair was very moisturized, flat ironing can cause your hair to be very dry so I did deep treatments and oil treatments every week. I also made sure I used good leave in conditioners. Keeping my hair moisturized helped me the most because it allowed my hair to retain the growth instead of breaking.
I also tried my best to protect my hair and allow it to grow. I use a satin pillow case at night or I cover my hair. I was very gentle with my hair and sealed my ends. I used many of the techniques on this forum, I'm sure there are some good articles on here about how to care for your curls.

My hair has always been long but now when I flat iron it which I do about 3 times per year in the winter it is long (waist length now flat ironed, I just cut it because it was too hard to manage),shiny and healthy. When I flat iron now I still use a heat protectant and I flat iron on about 350

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I had heat damage in 2011, what I did was: I cut it all off and after that I wore it in a bun for almost 6 months and occassionally I would have it loose. Within those 6 months my hair was again at the same length before I cut it and without any damage. I did not use any deep conditioning treatments, I did not use any oils, nor did I take vitamines. The only thing I did was eat a lot of fruits and I would drink at least 2 liters of water a day. But most of all, I was patient, I did not really looked at my hair or looked at the length everytime and before I knew it, it was already grown to the original length.

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