Rough and stiff hair when I flat iron

I've been natural for almost a year... The first couple months after my big chop I wore my hair in sew ins frequently with the top of my hair left out and straightened a lot to blend with the extensions... For 5 months now I've been wearing it out of sewn ins and curly, but every time I straighten it, it is rough and stiff at the ends... When I first found my hair like this I researched on YouTube and found out about protein overload... Ever since I went natural I was deep conditioning a lot with olive oil deep conditioner, shampooing and co washing with with mixed silk and styling with the Shea moisture line... I started using Aussie moist conditioner and deeeep conditioner and purchased coconut oil and my hair has gotten better than before but it still has the rough stiff look and feel when I straighten it... Idk what to do!!!
yeah i have 3A hair and it does the same thing when i flat iron it, its like crispy and sorta tangly at the ends. like its hard to run my fingers through it.
yup, i do notice tho, when i straighten it with a fan, its superrrr glossy and noticeably softer. but its never completely straight. so i touch it up with a flat iron in some spots, and just kinda run it over the wavy spots and its def better. see the fan straightening thread for more info about it, if u want
like, its better and i get softer results than just straightening it all with just a flat iron. not to mention healthier.
Maybe its the type of flat iron?? Before i used the shiny plated ones I had that problem.

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Well, I used to have the same problem. I figured out it was the heat protectant I was using. I now use a Moroccan Argan oil and a bit of Shea butter when I straiten. The heat protectants just make
It feel built up and gross. Try another heat protectant or something more natural

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