Inexpensive straightening product??

Welcome to summer...and now my hair will not stop puffing up! I will blow-dry and flat iron and my hair will be reverting within 5-10mins! Anyone know of an inexpensive (meaning $5 and under) product that will stop that without the hair going stiff and hard? I'd like my hair to me straight all summer...thanks! Oh my hairtype is 3B/3C curly, thin but coarse...yes that makes no dang sense, but then nothing about me does!

I've already tried two heat protestants, one by Tressume (sp?) and another by Garnier...both of with didn't help at all
When I used to straighten my hair, I put this Morrocan/ArganOil serum made by garnier fructis and it kept my hair from being frizzy. It also made it SUPER soft. I think it cost a little over $3 at Walmart. You should put some on your hair before straightening, and then after straightening.
Originally Posted by lydia ravenswood
Yeah! That's. mine came in a pump bottle though.
I am back...It's Fall and my hair is longer and still puffing. I couldn't find the one anissafersure mentioned

Any other ideas?

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