Is this heat damage?

Hello. I am new to this board. I am a 14 yr old who has been natural my entire life. When I was a baby, I had the softest, curliest hair (3B/3C). Now, my hair is tightly coiled, has a cottony feel, and little to no curl definition (4C). I have learned to embrace my curls, but the biggest challenge is staying away from heat. I went to the salon in order to have my hair straightened and curled for the eighth-grade formal. This was my first visit to the stated salon, and because the stylist was Spanish, I had trouble understanding what was going on with my hair. It came out wonderful, but the day afterwards, the curls dropped. This was not an issue. The issue was that my hair started frizzing, which normally happens when I curl it. I wore it in a ponytail for a few days, but grew tired of this look and attempted a braid-out. My hair looked AWFUL, so I threw it in a ponytail once again. The next day, I put my hair in a ponytail and did a twist-out on just the ponytail. Now, my hair looks a mess. The front of my head has a mixture of loose curls/straight locks. The ponytail I did fuzzed up, and is now tightly curled. I am unsure of whether or not the stylist used heat protectant. I am SO afraid of heat damage. Is this the case or the result of me styling my hair too often? I would post pics, but I am not comfortable on an online board.
I honestly can't be sure without a pic, but try deep conditioning it. Let it stay in over night if you can and see what it looks like after that.
Welcome! Heat protection is useful but it doesn't prevent heat damage if too high a temperature was used. Please do not post a photo without covering your face and your parents' consent.

Try conditioner only washing, deep conditioning with coconut oil and honey, DIY protein treatments with gelatin. Really baby your hair for a while, even ponytails can be damaging to your curl pattern and health of the hair if used too often. Finger comb your hair only, no tight styles, use gentle methods of securing such as scrunchies, silk or satin ribbon, fabric Alice bands, Spin Pins.
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Styler: Umberto Giannini jelly, Au Naturale styling gelee
Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
Experimenting with: benign neglect
Flat ironing your hair can really damage hair so it is recommended to use hair treatment.
Hair tends to be straighter when your younger, and can you post a picture?

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