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I'm a mixed guy (my mother is italian my father is african American) wanting straight hair. I've work my hair curly all my life and I'm wanting to try something new. So I want to permanently straighten my hair. In the end I want it to come out really straight and natural looking kinda like these mixed kids.
Biracial guy-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372790807.978399.jpg
Biracial guy-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372790831.085878.jpg
Biracial guy-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372790842.628743.jpg
Biracial guy-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372790858.577014.jpg

I want this kids hairstyle:
Biracial guy-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372790886.979038.jpg
He is biracial and gets a relaxer.
But basically how do you think these kids look with straight hair? Does it look "right" on mixed guys? And do you think I can even get my hair as straight as these guys?
This is my hair:
Biracial guy-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372791047.138319.jpg
You might be able to get your hair that straight, but it all depends on how your hair reacts. Some people have hair that resists chemical straighteners. That's how my hair is. When I used to relax my hair, it still stayed curly because of how resistant my hair was.
Yea I'm not sure I've tried doing them at home before and they never worked really well. I mean they worked but they weren't actually getting my hair all the straight. On the other Han I really have absolutely no idea what I'm doing xD. So that's why I want to get it professionally done.
If you get your hair chemically relaxed, you're gonna have to take steps to keep it healthy and avoid breakage (relaxers break down hair, often leaving it weaker and drier.)

I think your hair will look fine. It might be thinner/limper than if you just decided to straighten it with a flat iron. Also, there's the chance of bad chemical reactions (burns, and/or hair loss). You'll need to get a new relaxer every 6-8 weeks, generally speaking, but some people go longer.

I've gotten perms for years, since I was a little kid. I'm actually on here because I've been growing it out for the last year, and I really am not interested in permanently altering my hair, especially when I've had these beautiful curls hidden away for years! Be sure it's what you want--there are pros and cons. I do hope you love your hair though--it looks awesome, and if you're having trouble styling it or getting it to not be frizzy or dry, then this is definitely the place to be to learn how to get the perfect curls

Oh yeah! Also, I always used a no lye relaxer, because my scalp is very sensitive. It would start to tingle/burn even with that (my stylist used to tell me it was so perplexing because no one else would burn using it.) So, maybe go with a very mild or no lye treatment? I dunno--consult a stylist :P (But, of course--I'm team curls all the way!)

Any reason you don't want to just flat iron it?

Take care
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Oats gave you some great advice: make sure you want to straighten it and understand that the texture of your hair is likely to change. It will likely become drier, and in the end, depending on your curls, it may not even work that well.

I have very windy, corkscrewy and wavy hair, all on the same head, and relaxers NEVER really worked to make my hair totally straight. Even after getting relaxers I always had to blow dry it w/a comb attachment while wet to get it to dry straight. It was a lot of work and my hair felt like glass. Relaxed hair often feels hard to the touch. Often, it doesn't look right because it doesn't "flow" or have the kind of movement that naturally straight hair has. Also, it's nearly impossible to avoid double-processing already-relaxed hair when trying to do routine root touch-ups. And that can cause your hair to break off at the root depending on the texture you started with and the hair properties you end up w/after the relaxer

A gentle suggestion?: You could first use these forums to try and learn about taking care of your hair in its natural, curly state, and then if you still don't like your curly hair when it's well-pampered, you could go ahead and use chemicals. Just don't expect it to look natural if you do. It looks about as natural as curly perms look on straight hair (usually not natural at all) .

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Thanks for the great advice from both of you. I actually currently love the way my curly hair is right now. It's kind f a lot longer than the hair in the pic. I think it's just me being a guy having the same hairstyle for so long is just kinda boring. So I want to switch it up. After I relax it it'll probably only be so long before I change it again.

Anyways one reason I can't flat iron it because I've tried and it always looks kinda dumb. The other reason which is the main one is that I love swimming. And I don't want to go from straight hair to curly just because I get in a pool or if it rains.

Do you guys think ill need to still use a flat iron after a relaxer? Like do most people? I mean I'm okay with it but obviously I'd prefer not having too xD
With a relaxer, you'll definitely still have to flat iron. It goes: Wash, Blow dry, flat iron. Every time.

Now that I've been online looking at hair, I think some people did things like wet wrapping? But, I don't know how that's done, and that's not my experience.

(Also, the only way to get rid of a relaxer is to cut it off. You either shave your head all at once, or grow out your hair, cutting off the relaxed ends bit by bit.)

And, for me at least, when I had a relaxer (and, I mean, I still have relaxed ends because I haven't cut them off yet) when my hair got wet, it didn't look nice. It wasn't like it got wet and was straight, and then dried straight. It would get wet, and be kind of crinkly curly. If I let it dry on its own, it would be a somewhat limp looking pseudo-curl with no definite pattern all over my head. In short: it dries looking a hot mess. To me, anyway--some girls (and I just say girls because I never knew a guy with a relaxer, not that they didn't get them) liked the way it looked when air dried--I never did though.

Some people get much stronger relaxers than I ever did, and their hair wouldn't be as stupid-limp-curly as mine did when wet. I've never seen anyone with a relaxer whose hair dries straight though--they always have to blow dry it, and then flat iron in order to make it smooth.
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"Right now I'm wearing a 'Darn-I-Went-To-Bed-Without-A-Scarf' and later I'm gonna try a 'Salvage-This-And-Try-To-Look-Presentable.'"

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Man so what about japanese straightening or one of those keratin treatments..?
You'll have to do some research about them yourself, I've never had them done. I know there's issue about one of them, forget which, because it has formaldehyde? But yeah, do some research. I know those two are pretty expensive though.

And, because I've given so much straight-hair advice, it's making me uncomfortable, I must say: Love your curls too! I know sometimes it can be hard and frustrating, if some days your hair is dry or frizzy, or if people make insensitive comments about your hair or your race (which I comment on because you named this topic 'biracial guy'). But your hair is awesome, and your hair is unique, and it's part of you, and no matter what anyone says, there are so many styling options and ways to take care of your hair, and I think it's great as it is
Last Relaxer: July 6th, 2012, approx 1:30pm.
12 months/52.2 weeks/365 days transitioning!

"Right now I'm wearing a 'Darn-I-Went-To-Bed-Without-A-Scarf' and later I'm gonna try a 'Salvage-This-And-Try-To-Look-Presentable.'"
More great advice. You can also explore this forum if you want more info about straightening your hair. But I can tell you, as someone who has done almost EVERYTHING to her hair, that if you want to complicate your hair care routine and compromise the condition of your hair, and STILL probably not have hair that looks naturally straight, chemical straightening is the way to go.

Something else to think about: in some ways, hair is just hair. There's no sin in permanently altering it with keratin treatments, relaxers, that Japanese straightening stuff or anything else. Just understand that you risk not liking what you end up with and having to grow your hair out again. ... At the same time, hair isn't just hair. Like Oats, I couldn't help notice the "biracial" title you chose for this thread. If your desire to straighten your hair has something to do with wanting to shape your identity (like looking more "white" or less black), that's also something to look at in your quest to straighten. (I'm not saying this is your agenda; but just in case. I'm biracial too and know * some * of the company I keep )

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No no I don't want to look more white or less black or vise versa I'm very comfortable with my ethnicity and very proud of both my african and my italian side. The hair is simply just a "style". Nothing more than changing a wardrobe
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