How to prevent reverting curls while straightened?

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Hi guys!

I'm currently planning on straightening my hair for the first week of school and I have a question. In the past when I straightened my hair, I would have consistent bad hair days until around November because of the humidity reverting my curls, leaving curly roots and straight ends.

I was just wondering if anyone has any type of serum of product that works well for fighting against humidity while your hair is straightened? I've tried so many silicone serums and none of them work :/ Thanks!
Straighten hair needs attention.I have straighten one and every two days, I use shampoo & conditioner to make them silky and strong. Mostly people uses curly or straighten hair.
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I live in Florida and even being outside for a few minutes can ruin a straight hairstyle for me. the best solution I have found to keep humidity out of your hair is corn starch. it sucks up moisture from the air and keeps it from getting to your hair. I usually use it with a wax based pomade and lots of high hold hair spray and my style holds up pretty well. your hair won't be silky or anything with all that crap in it, but it stays straight.
I have 3A fine curly hair which I prefer straight but it is very "weather sensitive", especially with high humidity. I am always trying combinations of new products to style my hair and to maintain the style. I use a leave in conditioner followed by phyto relaxing balm, a mousse or gel, and the Devacurl Set it free (good humidity resistor). Then I blow dry it straight. I like the John Freida antifrizz hairspray to keep my style. I recently started using Straight Sexy Hairspray which is for anti-frizz and shine and so far I'm liking it. With high high humidity my hair will not stay super straight but this routine leaves my hair wavy, smooth, and much more manageable.

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