Advice needed!

I have layers that fly out and wetting/twisting does not fix it. Can u safely use a curling iron, and does anyone use it without heat protectant? Im also finding my hair has to b clarifyed with a regular sulfate shampoo every week and a half to two weeks.. My best hair days are only when i use regular shampoo! Anyone get buildup quick? I use yes to cukes shampoo, giovanni smooth as silk condish, and plain fsg, yet my roots stick to my head/get oily if i air dry.. Ive tried flipping, clipping, and massaging, but it doesnt work unless i tease, and it doesnt last. Advise? I have to wash daily, and i really dont have time to wash my hair every day with a baby and full time school! Also, is there any cg hairspray?

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Your hair gets oily because you wash your hair daily. You wash your hair daily because it gets oily. It's a vicious cycle if you don't interrupt it. Your hair is already used to getting washed everyday so it will make more oil because that is what it needs
If you stopped washing your hair completely with any products so you only used water witbin 3 months your hair would sort itself out.

As this isn't practical if you use styling products, in your case try to go two days without washing your hair without any products - by products I mean shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will be "nasty" for anything from a week to two weeks and then it will sort itself out.

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