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I have been getting the Ouidad carve and slice and softening on my 3c curls for about 3 years now. I love the results, but It is REALLY expensive. I simply can't keep it up. I can manage to buy her products and get a carve-and-slice but the softening...way too much money (and time, and distance). It's the only relaxer-like-thing that I've ever gotten so I don't have a lot of experience with asking salons the right questions, or knowing what is market-rate and what is just exhorbitant. Are there at-home products that can mimic the results? I understand that the Ouidad softening is a much lower percent solution mixed with the deep treatment. Can I do this myself? Has anyone tried? I am looking for product recommendations, technique advice, and reports on results. Thanks!
Hi, Ouidad uses Rusk AntiCurl to relax the curls. You can buy it online. I have been using Rusk Anti Curl for 20 yrs, on my own. I had a stylist use it once on me so I could learn how to apply. There are 3 levels, AntiCurl 1, AntiCurl 2 , and AntiCurl 3 for resistant hair. When i was in my 20's my hair was resistant so I needed #3. Now no more, my hair has changed so I use 2 for color treated /highlighted hair. I use it to loosen up my tight curls. I do not use it to make my hair straight. Although it can be used for that. Hope this helps !!
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I have 3b fine textured colour treated hair. Would you think I should use Anti Curl 1 ? I don't want it straight just less curly so I can wear it in a smoother style. Thanks
3b, fine textured,thin and normal to high porosity.

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