Hair Wrapping - 3b Curls


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I used to do this but not any more. Dry it during the day under a hooded dryer (indirect heat). Each night you wrap, it gets smoother.So the 2nd day is better. It is a good option to master as an alternative. Options are good right?

My hair is a little too long to do this comfortably now. So this is what I do now for sexy smooth tresses!

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I wrapped my own hair last night! It looks nice and I can appreciate my length! I did it with dry hair and a bristle brush. I have used a stocking as a cap before to get a really smooth flat wrap. Then you have to put a satin scarf or bonnet on top of that to keep it from shifting. To avoid creases, you simply remove the clips or hairpins once the scarf is on. See videos below There are a lot of videos on youtube about it but like anything it is a skill and you will have to practice to be able to brush your hair smoothly and hold it long enough to put a cap on. Now that I've done it again thanks to your question, I remember what I LOVED about it!

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