Options for going straight. THIO anyone???

Looking for any info on Thio straightening. Opinions advice or any words at all. Looking at going straight but unsure what direction to go. Please help

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I have never heard of THIO? but you may want to try Beautiful textures TMS, its a hair straightening system.
I used it and my hair reverted back to curly. Check out the videos on my YT page CassieAfricanQueen.
I'm a natural hair product junkie!LOL. I love trying new products.
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Isn't thio just the chemical used in the japanese straightening/thermal reconstructing?

Or are you asking about a specific brand. I'm trying to find more information on it but I know it's way better than relaxing because though it breaks the sulfide bonds of the hair it reconstructs it. So the hair ends up much healthier than a relaxer. Also I read that it's not like a relaxer that relaxes the curl, it literally straightens your hair. You hair will behave as straight hair does, not as curly hair that has been loosened. That's all I know lol
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"Thio" stands for ammonium thioglycolate, the main ingredient in permanent wave solutions and in the Jheri Curl system of the '80s. It is milder than sodium hydroxide but still can cause damage and it doesn't straighten as well, it's best for people that don't have tight curls and also fine hair.
I got the Liscio Japanese straightening over the weekend. I've been on these forums for awhile and I've really tried liking my curly hair but it's not that flattering on me... I highly recommend Liscio but only if you have hair that is not color treated -- I have about 3 inches of hair that is natural/henna and the rest has been Japanese straightened before and curly permed 3 months ago, and it came out beautifully.

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