DO NOT get your hair straightened with CHI

A couple days after I spent $1,050 on CHI retexturizing/reconditioning/straightening system, I was reading online about when I could wash my hair. (Which is supposed to be after 72 hours) and I found a forum where a girl said three months after CHI her hair started falling out, actually falling out, not normal loss but going bald loss.

This is starting to happen to me. My hair is breaking off at the scalp ALL OVER. If you touch my scalp area it feels like I have a buzz cut. If you look closely in the mirror it is starting to look like a buzz cut. Sure, I still have my seriously long hair (which is like a rubberband now, crimpy, fried, frizzy, BUT STRAIGHT -mostly)
I'm seriously worrying I'm going to go bald and prickly and look like my husband soon.

Also my scalp is flaking off in all different sizes. It's not dandruff because my scalp is not dry, it's not build up because it is not greasy and i don't use product on my scalp. I'm pretty sure it's residue from the CHI straightening products that did not get thoroughly washed when the process was used.

I went to a local salon yesterday and asked what to get for my scalp (I had just washed it and brushed the flakes off for about an hour), they couldn't see the flakes then but they saw the breakage and went "OH NO"

No one knows what to say or do and the salon that I got it done at is not writing me back. I thoroughly trusted this salon since my best friend is their book keeper. I'm pretty sure this is not the salon's fault, it is CHI's fault.

I thought that if I got it straightened with this expensive method that it would save me so much time, effort and money from buying frizz fighting products. I was wrong. I'm spending three times as much money on product, three times as much time fighting to get a comb through it after washing and three times as much stress. I have to wear a hat to cover my scalp dust.

THIS TREATMENT IS SERIOUSLY NOT WORTH IT! DO NOT DO IT! Unless you plan on throwing your money in the toilet and shaving your head the next month.
I just wanted to say that I apologize for everything that you are going through. I pray that there is healing is your scalp and hair. Thanks for your honesty and advice.
I'm sorry you're having this experience. I had a CHI straightening & haven't had any (knock wood) problems.

Have you gone into the salon to talk to the owner?? Was it the salon where you normally have your hair done???

How long ago was your straightening??
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I suppose I can't judge you because you married a serviceman and it is wartime. Boo hoo. You must be loney sitting at home with nothing else to do but pick on people. Why don't you go masterbate again?
I'm so sorry you are having all of this trouble. I have Chi straightening and have not had such horrible luck. I have a bit of breakage but nothing major. There is a website with really good TR forums. Maybe something you read there can help you get your hair back in good health.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -- Theodor Seuss Geisel
Girl go to Sally's now! Grab the Aphogee treatment and put it on your head immediately! It will stop the breakage! It's a lifesaver. Make sure to leave it on your head til it's good and hard.

HTH! Sorry it happened.
Thanks for all your help ladies. I had the straightening done about three weeks ago. I will check out Aphogee. There doesn't seem to be much more breakage on my scalp than when I posted this, thank god. But for some reason my locks seem to be waving a little. I thought this was permanent.

Do any of you girls who have had it done have pokiness on your scalp? My curly hair was never voluminous on top, definitely more so than after the straightening (I could hardly tell I had hair up there it was so flat). Maybe my volume is just coming back?
I'm by no means an expert on TR---I can only speak of my own experience & what others have told me about theirs . My TR was almost 2 mos ago & again, knock wood, no breakage.

Are you using the at home CHI kit?? How long did you wait until washing after the procedure?

It could be the way you're styling that it seems lke you have more volume---maybe?
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I suppose I can't judge you because you married a serviceman and it is wartime. Boo hoo. You must be loney sitting at home with nothing else to do but pick on people. Why don't you go masterbate again?
I asked the salon if they sold the CHI products and they said no. Couple days after I washed my hair I went to the grocery store and bought the CHI keratin mist (they don't sell the silk) and that didn't seem to treat my hair as well as my Biolage products. Then I bought the CHI shampoo. I couldn't even start to get the shampoo through my hair.
The salon gave me two trial size packets of dAvines nou-nou stuff (with a leave in mask). I used the mask the other night and it didn't help at all.

I had to buy some Redken dandruff shampoo. Other than that I use Biolage hydratherape and smooth-therape shampoo and conditioner and I trade off between Redken anti-snap leave in and Biolage leave-in conditioner. The Biolage works the best.

I don't style my hair. That's why I got this procedure. I wanted to be able to just wash-n-go.
The volume is a very strange thing. It's almost like a mohawk at my roots.

I waited between 48 and 72 hours to wash.
More ???'s LOL

Was this your regular stylist?? The girl who does my hair is the only one in the salon (there are 11 stylists) who does the TR's. She highly suggested I get the CHI home kit, which of course I did. My wash day (I wash my hair every other day) routine is the CHI shampoo, conditioner, keratin mist & the silk infusion (which you can get at Target) & the volume spray.

The shampoo is VERY thick & needs a little water to activate it. I love the smell of the products!

Again, {{{hugs}}} that you're dealing with this!
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I suppose I can't judge you because you married a serviceman and it is wartime. Boo hoo. You must be loney sitting at home with nothing else to do but pick on people. Why don't you go masterbate again?
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does more of your hair fall out when its wet or when its dry?

does the hair that falls out have the follicle on it?
Wow, I only paid $350 for mine and it came with all the products. I am very happy with the results. I had it done in January. But it isn't have to put forth some effort with blow-drying and smoothing a little with the flat iron.
I think some people are getting confused with the old chi retexturizing treatments and the new chi enviro treatments. The new chi enviro treatments only cost about $165. These treatments are gentle and I've had them done 3 times in the past with no problems.
It's funny how CHI is one of the most expensive but it's also the one with the most complaints! I still don't get how it can be so popular.

The main reason for CHI haters is that this brand uses ceramic COATED plates instead of the real deal, which means heating will only go so far. Most CHI's dont last over a year because of this and conveniently the warranty protection for every chi product is 1 year. Hmmm....

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