Curlaway vs New Options Mineral Softener

I've been reading the posts here about both products. I did some research and Curlaway is semi-permanent(will wear off) New Options is permanent(will not wear off but new growth must be done) Both claim to be gentle on the hair, but Curlaway seems to be the more gentle of the two. I also spoke with the guy at New Options and he stated that the alkaline in the softener is salt. The product is 2% salt. No hydroxides or thioglycolate. Hmmmmmmm..products seem very interesting. Who has used both or has been using either? What information by experience can you give? I see several of you stated you were looking into one of the two. Please share if you have tried one or both products!
I'm using Curlaway right now. I used it last night. So far I like it. Made my hair super soft and hardly any frizz. We shall see in the long run. Brown n Curly has also been using it. You might want to PM her. She apparently has ordered four more jars she likes it so much hehe.
I used curlaway for a little while instead of relaxer before I got the nerve to do the BC. I was still flat ironing and blowdrying my hair. It made my hair super soft, but no one in my house could stand the smell, and I was to afraid to use it around my son, the smell was so bad. But it does do what it claims.
ACV Rinse 2-3 times a week
Nature's Gate Biotin Conditioner
Curly Kinks: Satin Root, Coil Jam
Castor oil on scalp
Curlaway is a thio (Acid) ie. Jherri Curl, Vigorol.

New Options Alkaline Mineral is Alkaline (salt). It's job is to soften and adjust pH. It WILL NOT MAKE HAIR STRAIGHT...only soft. It's easier to manage. If you want to straighten, simply use heat.

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