after i flat iron it still looks poofy!

i hate wen i take 2 hours to straighten my hair and since my hair is really thick and i have alot of it, i look kind of weird-its also still poofy and i hate it. how do i get rid of it? i usually jus wash with shampoo and conditioner and put serum in it when its wet and flat iron-am i doing something wrong?
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A few things to try:
*blow dry straight first
*Use a pre-heat styling treatment (I use Biolage Thermal-Active spray. Has water soluble cones in it)
*If you aren't cg, you can finish your hair with a shine serum (most have heavy cones)

ETA: You're hair may just be dry. Do you deep condition at all?
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put some sort of natural oil product on your hair once its dry...nothing with water in it of course b/c it will ruin your results.
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1. Put very little shampoo in your hair (or none if your CG.)
2. Put alot of conditioner in and I would try a leave in conditioner as well.
3. Don't brush hair, use a wide tooth comb or your fingers.
4. If you have to blow dry use a diffuser.
5. Use a de frizzing or shine serum.

If none of these work to completely eliminate puffiness then I would buy a tourmaline straightener (if you don't already have one.) Tourmaline emits 6 times more negative ions than regular ceramic straighteners. The more negative ions produced the more moisture, and silkiness you will have in your hair and it will be less poofy!
Hope I helped
You might just be like me... totally unable to get your hair to stay straight. I'm mostly 3a, with some 2c, but very fine. My hair, being so fine is very prone to flying away, and any little tiny bit of humidity in the air sends it curling right back up. I've never had straight hair last for more than say 30 minutes, no matter what I try. Good thing I like the curls!
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I recommend Sabino Moisture Block. It's the best thing I've ever used when straightening my hair. It's a bit pricey, but you can request a free sample from their website and they send 2 small vials of the product. Be careful how much you use though because if you get too much it will make your hair look greasy.
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Well, im going to break the mould here and say def do not blow dry!! My hair is so poofy and flyaway if I blow dry if before i straighten it... if i dont blow dry it is shinier, flatter and a whole lot nicer!! The only problem with this is if your hair is kinky like mine then airdrying makes it sooo difficult to flat iron the kinks out... once the kinks are dry they do NOT wanna come out! So I have to go over the hair twice instead of once,meaning its twice as unhealthy for my hair. So I hardly ever straighten it anymore.

If I do blow dry to make it easier to get the kinks out (or if im in a rush to dry it) then I make sure i use a lot of a heavy, water-free leave-in. It has to be water-free or its frizz-city! KBB Hair Cream is fantastic for weighing down flat-ironed hair, thats what i currently use.

Just my 2 pence!!! HTH!!
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