Thermal Reconditioning in Toronto?

Hi ladies! First post

Any idea where to get this done in Ontario.....specifically the Toronto area if possible? I'm having a heck of a time.
Hey Girlie, here's a salon on King west:

David Mitchell Salon & Spa
293 King Street West (416) 971-7733
Features the YUKO System of Thermal Reconditioning (Japanese Hair Straightening)
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
I got mine done (Rusk Thermal Str in Uxbridge at Alterna by Nicole. She did a great job. She was super nice on top of it all. It was the second time I had the Rusk treatment. (I love it by the way.) The orginal place I had it done went out of business and I was nervous to try someone new, but she turned out to be even better. It is expensive and time consuming though. Nicole was extremely thorough. She might also do the Japanese straightening.

I also know through my research that if you go to the website and go to the hair or beauty forums there that there are sometimes suggestions about where to get it done.

Good luck
Hi ladies! First post

Any idea where to get this done in Ontario.....specifically the Toronto area if possible? I'm having a heck of a time.
Originally Posted by girliegirl
Hey there,

I would like to recommend a salon in Toronto that does Yuko, Thermal Reconditioning. I have had the process done myself twice, I will be getting it done for the 3rd time in a few days. The Yuko process has lasted a year, I have very thick, wavy and frizz prone hair. I can literally wash my hair, and let it dry naturally and it still looks great. If anyone resides in Toronto and is looking for a reputable salon who performs YUKO. I recommend you go to E=MC2 Salon on the Queensway, Charlene is a YUKO Goddess. Their phone number is 416-588-2300 or you can visit their website at
I have had YUKO done for three years and it has been a success!!!!!! I had a hard time finding reputable salons that have experience doing YUKO. I went to Dave Mitchell salon in Toronto for a consultation, I was not convinced or satisfied that the stylist had the experience to do YUKO on my hair. The salon charged me $50.00 for the consultation, total rip off. I finally found a salon that I trusted E=MC2 Salon on the Queensway in Toronto. Charlene is a YUKO Goddess, she has the experience and knowledge. I am a believer and would recommended anyone interested in YUKO to see Charlene. I am going for my third time and I love what Yuko has done to my hair!!!!!!!!!

This amazing hair straightening professional Steve Tcherkezian has a site and forum dedicated to TR. I learned almost as much from his site as I have from this one. The best part for you--he is in Toronto. I am seriously tempted to make the trip from NY to get him to do my touchup.
Recently TRed and loving it.

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