Do you co-wash?

I have been straightening my hair since the weather started getting cold. I have not been on here in a long time. I have been reading through a lot of posts and realized my dry brittle hair and scalp are probably from lack of moisture, products with the wrong ingredients, not co-washing, etc. I am eager to revamp my program but I'm confused on a few things.

If I straighten, can I co-wash like the rest of the curlies?

SHould I be using silicone/sulfate/protein free products?

If so, what recommendations do you have for these types of products? I went to Sweetpeacurli's website with a listing of all of these products...more specifically, which have you seen the best results with?

If you straighten do you need protein instead of protein free products?

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I won't be much help here because I really don't know much about all the ingredients in products and what not...
however, i almost always style my hair straight and i havn't used shampoo in my hair in over a year
until today, actually... i was going to try to use curl remover on my hair but it got late and decided to wait it out till tomorrow.. plus this gave me a chance to do a hardcore deep conditioner treatment.
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Thanks for responding! Your response was helpful!
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When straightening, I wouldn't recommend just co-washing. Having possible build-up from co-washing could weigh your hair down and not give you the lightest, fluffiest look. Try using a gentle shampoo. A lot of the natural brands are pretty gentle like Nature's Gate.

As far as protein, you can deep condition with a protein conditioner once a month to keep your hair strong. After you deep condition, then remember to apply a moisturizing conditioner since sometimes the protein can dry your hair out.

Good luck and don't let all of the information on the board overwhelm you!
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Thanks Hairenvy, I will try a gentle shampoo on the scalp. I forgot the term but I think its low poo when you put conditioner on the hair and use a gentle, diluted shampoo on the scalp. Thanks again.
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Yep, you can do that.

When you wash your hair don't worry about massaging the ends. The shampoo from your scalp will work it's way down to your ends and that's really enough to get them clean.

Good Luck!
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Do you have a recommendation for a gentle poo? I tried TJ Refresh and its OK but it left my hair a little wiry and difficult to detangle.
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Creme of Nature is a good gentle poo that I use. It doesn't contain any sulfates. I've read good reviews about Neutrogena Triple Moisture shampoo.
Protein is not a bad thing. It is actually recommeded. Yes, if you straighten you can still cowash...but if you're using a lot of heat, your hair may get very damaged, especially if you go without cones. Cones and direct heat are incompatible with the CG routine. But if you are cowashing, then yes, you need to avoid cones.

I'm not CG, I don't COwash, and I straighten entirely too much!

If you are using certain cones, you need to use shampoo. I opt for a non-sulfate poo, but I do have to clarify periodically as I do use cones to straighten.
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Seconding the recommendation for Neutrogena Triple Moisture shampoo. Outstanding. The whole Triple Moisture line is excellent.

I co-wash and use all 'cones with abandon. This is true for me whether wearing my hair curly or straight. When it starts to look "sticky" -- once a month or so -- I shampoo
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