How do you straightening the back?

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How do you straighten the back of your hair? I can't reach!!

When my daughter still lived at home I had her do it. Now (I do this about 2x a year) I kinda lean to the side and do the underneath part...then lean to the other side
to the other underneath part. Then I pull my hair up from the back so I can see it in the mirror and do that part that way. Then I kinda run the iron over the whole back hoping I am getting everything. I always check the back with a mirror and try to redo spots that dont look so great.
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I'm assuming in 2 months you figured it out. But its 6 am, I'm off sick, and boreddd.

I've been straightening my hair since I was 12, and I'm 15 now, so I think I have a bit of an idea how to do the back. XD

I used to have quite course hair, so I always had trouble missing bits in the back, and then pouffing up during the day. So what I figured out was to do it in layers. Even if they're not cut in.

I'd just clip the top half of my hair up, and straighten the lower layers. Feel around a bit to make sure it was all straight... and then let a bit out of the clip and straighten that and so on. I hardly ever missed any and it ended up getting kind of second nature. No need for mirrors.

And then I'd look and realize my bangs were all messed up. XP
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I've given up on trying to straighten and gave my CHI to my cousin. She already has super straight hair but she was happy to get it.

I use big rollers to section my hair and dry each section one at a time with a big round brush...this way, until the hair is ready to be dried, it stays tight around the roller...I basically section my hair into 13 sections (3 on top, 4 on each side, 2 in the back and then leave the very under part unrolled - that is the first I dry...I work the under part first, followed by each side, then the back, top and front)...I have been doing this for years - the first few times are tricky and take practice but now I get my whole head sectioned in 3 one time it took me literally an hour to blow dry my hair straight...I got it down to 45 minutes with practice and now the the Coppola keratin I am down to less than 20 (including the 3 to section)
It's kind of a pain in the ass, but I grab my hand held mirror and use that to look in my bathroom mirror at the back of my head. I hold the mirror in 1 hand, and try to grab a lock of hair in the other, and hope I get the right section!
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Part in 5 sections (bottom, left side, right side, top, front). I start in the back and go through each section in 1 inch pieces.
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