did anyone used this product? it looks very promising..

What are the BodipHier Ingredients? Purified Alkaline Water, 100% Natural Soda Ash & Minerals, 100% Natural Citric, 100% Natural Menthol, Cetyl Wax, Emulsifying Wax, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Lanotrol, Volpo 10, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, 100% Natural Protein Powder, Shea Butter, 100% Natural Protein Oil, 100% Natural Soy Bean Oil, and Fragrance.
i ordered this product last year and it did not change my hair one bit, in fact it looked worse. so i had to deep condition to get my hair back to normal. my hair is fine now. and it did not get my hair straight.

* con detangling poo.
* giovanni direct LIC.
* giovanni SAS con.
* Fantasia IC gel (green)
* coconut oil. (HG)
* alma oil.
* amla powder
* shikakai powder.(HG)
* Shea butter.
* Lustrasilk shea butter and mango cholestrol.(HG)

CHL:10.5 to 14.5 inches long
GHL: 14-15 inches all around!
Hair type:4a/ with some 4b
Transitioning again with no BC!
21 weeks post relaxer!
Tried it a while ago. Didn't do a thing for me.
CG since 2002
True 3b, but looser curls since moving to drier climate. BSL thick, medium-course hair with some 2C/3a on canopy. Curlygirl since 2001. Devachan client NYC from 2001-2005.

-co-wash w/Devacurl No-Poo or Suave conditioner
-condition Deva One Condition or GVP Balm
-i never use a leave in
-style with KCCC or Angell or Devacurl Styling Cream
**likes: everything above. dislikes: glycerin, BRHG, KBB**
Bodiphier is made of soda ash. Eventhough it is natural product, it has the pH of 12 which can be very damaging to the hair anf can make it brittle and dry. There is a detailed review here.

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