Digital Perm

Today I came across the phrase digital perm and after some research I now know its a perm that makes hair wavy/loosely curled. The only reviews I could find for it were those by women with straight hair who had it done and so I am wondering if this method can be used for hair thats already curly?

I have 3B curls, and as much as I like my hair sometimes, it can be hard to manage, its hit and miss, I never know how it will turn out, by the end of the day its turned into a frizzy mess and when I am on holiday on a beach its just disgusting. I'm looking for a more manageable change and I do think I look better with it straight. However I don't want to do the japanese straightening method (thermal reconditioning) because I don't like completely flat hair, and also when it starts to grow out, I won't have the time or patience to keep straightening the roots until it has grown out (I hate my hair short so cutting it off wouldn't be an option, and I am too poor to keep getting the roots done lol). With the digital perm I'm thinking my natural curls would blend in with the permed loose curly ends more naturally.

So yeah I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this method and if it'd turn out ok/if its possible to do on curly hair. Here is a photo of my hair for reference;

(when straightened, my hair is mid back length, below my breast/bra strap)

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My hair dresser recommended a perm for my hair, because I wanted to get the Chi hair straightening system. She said the Chi would be more damaging to my hair, and since my curly hair is so unmanageable I really need a new solution. let me know if you find anything out !
i have no idea about the perm thing, but why are you going to mess with those gorgeous curls? of course it is up to you, but i was just stunned by the picture. they're so pretty.
my grow out challenge blog:
Do perms eventually wash out? Or do they have to grow out like relaxers?
Hi! Digital perms are a spin off of the Japanese straightening method using a much gentler approach. It actually is more for body and waves than a curl and should not be considered as a reverse perm as they are intended for movement on hair which does't have any. There is a 3 step process which is not much more time than a regular perm using a machine which heats ceramic rods. When wet the hair is straight, as it dries you get waves and soft curls. You do not have to actually style the hair, a diffuser will be all you need. In the morning or after work you can wrap your hair around your finger like you would a curling iorn to create tight waves or big curls, no heat nesisary!!! They start a little tight but loosen after about 2 weeks and last from 4 to 6 months. You will find them mostly at Asian salons but get a good recommendation to find a stylist who knows what they are doing so it is done right.

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