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Hi I'm new to this forum and I am happy to now be a part of it!
I have been doing some research on a product called Baka Natural Laxer and it seems like a very good product, all natural even. Hopefully It will have a good effect on my hair. I dont have an afro but I have curly hair which is very hard to comb.

So my question is...Has anybody used this product or heard of it...what did you think of it?

Eagerly waiting for a reply
I have used this. It relaxes hair a little bit, but only if you do it consistently (every week for three weeks, then once a month to maintain). The upside is it's completely natural. The downside is that it REALLY dried out my hair, especially the clay, and then, once it finally regained moisture, it was time to use it again!
Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!
hey moisturemaniac.
Okay I see...does it work like a texturizer? you said that it relaxes the hair a bit..meaning it makes the hair straighter? what was your hairtype before? do you think it was worth the money?
Sorry for asking so many questions
Has anyone else used it?
hi Safina,

I have 3a/b fine hair that was loosened quite a bit with consistent use of the baka stuff. I have tried both the daphe gnidium (green powder) and the naturalaxer plus (which I did think worked nearly as well, although thr company claims it's BETTER!). I have to say that the daphne gnidium worked well in that it loosened my tight spirals to more of loose 3a curly/wave, but the dryness was AWFUL. Of course, I was still using poo then, so that probably contributed to the dryness.
I think it's a little expensive (10 bucks per tiny packet of powder!) but if you are willing to be consistent about it, I would say give it a try. But i really doubt that it will ever make your hair all the way straight....
Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!
Okay I see. I have ordered the Natural Laxer Plus was hoping that it would loosen my curls alot, but maybe the regular NaturalLaxer is better at that. I will hopefully buy the regular one if I'm satisfied with the NLP.
They say that you have to put moisturizer in your hair directly after you've conditioned your hair, did you forget to do that? maybe that's why your hair got dry..(??)
I hope the baka works for you. I did put moisture into my hair immediately after and it still got dry. For me, though, the biggesy problem was the upkeep. You have to do your whole head every time, or else your hair reverts right back to the way it was very quickly. I just didn't have the patience for that + added dryness!
Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!
Ok i see, that doesn't sound good at all. I bought the product so that I could get rid of the dryness and breakage...I have 3c and hoping to make it a 3a maybe do you think that is possible and how long did it take for you to go from 3a/b to 3a?
well, I followed their instructions exactly. They say to do it once a week for 3 weeks and then once every 8 wks. So, I did that and after 3 weeks it made my hair look much more on the 3a side (I'm 3a/b). I think it was a slight, but noticable difference. But that was as straight as it got. When I did it 8 wks later, it looked exactly the same. I think it may have even reverted a little between relaxing times. That really bothered me, so I decided to stop using it. I wonder what would happen is someone did it every week, though? Maybe the curls would get looser?
Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!
Well the company says that there is no problem using it more frequently. But it's so expensive that I probably couldnt afford it. Maybe the curls would get looser, at least I'd think so.
yeah, i think so too, but the upkeep would be a PITA.
Let me know how it works for you, I'm curious.
Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!
I have been using redken vertical relaxer for two years its ok, better than lye relaxers, but my hair gets dry, but its the best I have tried so far.
Can i see pictures of your hair before and after it was relaxed so the 1ns hu have relaxed hair. im not sure if its the thing for me.
I recently cut all of my hair off very short because, eventually the redken vertical started making my hair become many diffrent textures, some places were bone straight & some were curly, in the begining I loved the results but, like most chemicals it began to damage my hair and produce mixed results. My hair began shedding in gobs, its better than lye, but your hair will began to dry out, but maybe if you get a really good hair dresser you will be ok. I am personally now happy with my curly hair & I have found products that make it look nice, I must admit I felt really glamorous when my hair was loosely curled & long, but it was a sham that did not last. I am finally happy with my natural hair and I look forward to it being springy and big once again. If you would like to see a pic of me with the redekn, I am on the members page holding a Boston terrier doggie. Good luck, but take it from me, natural is better & cheaper.
I bought it, but only because I heard it gives a good press. I'll give results tomorrow. I don't really want to use it to "relax".
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hi i have been researchign the same product and i have 4a hair..does anyone here have that?? and did they like it????
i was doing straight but now i want my curls back...
You probably won't like the results unless you have the patience. It didn't do too much for my hair (but I only used it once) it left a huge mess in the bathroom esp when I rinsed it out and it dried out my hair bad, even after thorougly moisturizing. The smell lingered for a couple of days, when I walked into the room my dad asked what smelt like bug-spray and it's so darn anonying to get all of those herbs out of your hair! :x . I was way too afraid to follow up with sahara clay... that would just mean more mess for me. I'd throw it out, but I may find a better use for it.

Mostly 3c and lovin' my curls

This is not a fashion trend, it's not a statement, it's pride for who we are and what we look like. And that is where our true beauty shines.
I usually don't harldy ever frequent this board, but I thought that I would warn you all about this stuff! Yes, I have tried this non-chemical, all-natural relaxer, and that it is one of the worst products to ever hit the market. It is overpriced, smelly, and makes a mess during application as well as rinsing it out. I will never revisit the Baka Natural-Laxer Plus ever again or any of the other Baka products that I received with my order.

Because I am a 3b, I did get a slight loosening to my curls, but they ended more dried out with this type of relaxer than with any of the lye or no-lye relaxers that I have ever used in the past!
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