which do you prefer....straight or curly? (pics)


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That would be a tough choice. You look amazing in both pics. You have gorgeous eyes!

Did you straighten the top in the curly pic?
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Your curls are beautiful and so are you! I do think I prefer the straight look on you. Probably not what you wanted to hear.
Tough call. I think the first picture is more flattering to you, but you've go some incredible curls in that second photo.
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Straight is classy/sexy, curly is fun!!!

Both pics are great!!
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The curly picture is so much better IMMHO. So much! You look amazing with curly hair! You do!!! My God, you know, I can't imagine people not getting jealous over those lovely curls!
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Originally Posted by rams2gether

Honestly, you look fabulous both ways, but I think in this case I'd go with straight, although you can pull off both looks. You have GORGEOUS skin, btw.
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I have more pictures up!
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What Journalist said. Great pictures!!
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