Natural Relaxer

Anyone ever heard of Natural-laxer? It's supposed to be an all-natural, very light texturizing-type product, and I'm interested in trying it. If you've tried it, what kind of results have you seen? If not, is there something else that's not too damaging you'd recommend?

I'm biracial, I have type 3c hair, and I want to loosen it some....a 3a would be amaaaaaaaaaaazing lol. But I'm not expecting anything that drastic from an all-natural product :-p
I'm familiar with Baka Natural-laxer which is only clay and some herbs. You can buy bulk rhassoul or bentonite clay, marshmallow roote and rose water and make your own. That is what I have been doing.

If you want to see what it does go to Fotki and see if you can find Kinkerbelle's album. I also have some in my album, but Kinkerbelle shows her results with no product on her hair and it's amazing.

There is also some other naturalaxer product that is a chemical and I would stay away from it. Looks like snake oil marketing.
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
I first used Baka natural-laxer a month or so ago. It worked, but it was a complete nightmare to rinse out of my hair. I think (hope) it was because I used too much, not enough water and didn't put olive oil in the mixture. I just got more in the mail yesterday. I plan to mix it with oil and/or coconut cream. Hopefully that will make it easier to rinse out. I've used coconut cream as a deep treatment twice and it's also suppose to relax the curl. Jury is still out on its ability to loosen the hair, but it moisturizes my hair nicely.

I took SBB's advice (thanks SBB!) and bought a 1lb bag of rassoul clay and will use that from now on. Good luck!
Is this natural relaxer temporary or permanent?
Is this natural relaxer temporary or permanent?
Originally Posted by jadeperidot
Temp. The one I did in mid-March is wearing off. You have to do it every month or so to maintain.
Hi, how can I find Kinkerbelle's album? I'm curious what results she got cos I also used the Baka-relaxer twice and have seen very little results. I'm biracial and a 3b and would like to loose my curls a bit.
It's temporary - your hair goes back to it "natural" curls after a month of not using it
interesting I just saw a segment about this on youtube from the hair show.
I have 3b fairly coarse hair. I'm interested in trying this natural relaxer. Can anyone give me more details on where i can buy the ingredients to make my own? And is it safe?

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