YUKO Japanese straightening? Locations?

Now, after several (embaressingly enough) hours of research on the topic, I've decided about 80% that I want to go straight. I have hair that is in between curly and straight when dried with no fuss, but ringlet curly/frizzy when applied product and diffuse. Sooner or later, even if the curl looks close to perfect during the first 30 minutes, it's gone to shame for the rest of the day. I am so sick of touching my hair, fixing it, spending countless hours on it, and I honestly cannot imagine NOT doing anything to it and having it look fabulous.

I've decided on the YUKO treatment (rather than the Brazilian) because of its permanant and out-of-the-shower perfection. I live in Albany, NY, and have found NO salon that does it, or that is even known for it.

I am VERY nervous about going to a salon that has it but has not been referred to for it's YUKO treatment. I am still on the fence if this is even a good idea or not.. I always receive compliments when my hair is straightened, and I, myself like it more, because its very long and reveals more of my face. It is only this way when i come out of the hair salon, and lasts a day.

i did the japanese straightening several years back when it was really big. it took 4 hours and cost $400...total waste of money. i waited 3 days before getting my hair wet, just as i was instructed. then i washed my hair, got out of the shower, and blow dryed it...into a frizzy, poofy mess. granted, it was less curly than before, but i still had to blow my hair straight with a clamp brush and flat iron it. yes, it was less curly than before with nothing done to it, but it did not take any less time to style it. it was very frustrating.
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I think your best bet is to go to New York City for a weekend trip and have it done there by a respected salon that has done it a long time. I can't tell you where in NYC to go, but I bet that online research will lead you in the right direction.

I don't live anywhere near you so cannot recommend a place. But I can say that I have had it done 3X and everytime it comes out picture perfect and lasts 5 months. From the sound of your hair, I bet you would love the results and feel it is totally worth it for you and life changing. BUT ONLY if you find someone very experience who has been doing in for 5 years or more (10 years if you can find someone like that). Yuko straightening is very labor intensive and involves a lot of judgment of which chemical and irons to use and how long to leave chemicals on or which temperature irons to use (They use up to 4 in different sizes and heats). The better the technician, the better the results. For me, it is totally worth it to have flawless, long, siky hair that is incredibly easy to maintain and only requires very minimal products and heat styling. I am naturally 3b/c so much curlier than you and I love it.

Good luck!
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I live in Albany, I'd love if any of you can recommend places. I go to Hair Village in Queens, pretty much the best place, they use Liscio which I hear works better than yuko. I've been japanesing for years and it is incredible. changed my life

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