Texturizer vs. Relaxer: whats the difference?!

I've been wondering this FOREVER!
I know a texturizer is supposedly less harmful then a relaxer [which I heard wasn't true]

but what does it do?
does it make your hair curly...?

-->also, isn't a low level relaxer the same as a texturizer?
You're right. A texturizer is just a weaker version of a relaxer. From a few friends, I've heard that you can texturize your hair using relaxing solution, but just keeping it on for 1/4 of the time you would if you were relaxing it bone straight.

The purpose of a texturizer is to "loosen" the texture of your hair, but still not have bone straight hair. It can take a 4b and make her into a 3c and make a 3c into a 2b.

As for texturizers being less damaging. That can be argued, but it's still a chemical process that alters that natural state of your hair which is just another way to say "damages the natural state of the hair in order for it to assume another texture."

Either way, the hair is getting damaged, but girls who texturize realize that the health of their hair is a small price to pay for the type of hair they'd prefer to have.

That being said, I don't view chemical processing as a bad thing because to each her own and what I want is not the same as what someone else wants.
I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

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