Keratin Didn't Work?

Hi. I am naturally a 3b. I got the Keratin Brazilian treatment last Tuesday (I had no idea it was so bad for my health --- I hadn't done any research beforehand)! I washed my hair yesterday, and I attempted to blowdry (it was my first time blowdrying my hair in order to make it straight. before i had gotten keratin, i used to blowdry with a diffuser to keep it curly) but the dry resulted in puffy (not frizzy) straight hair. It was not thin at all as it had been for the past four days.

I know some other people here have gotten the treatment, so what is the best way to get your hair straight after you wash it? I also tried air drying, but I have a puff on the back that never dies down. The curls on the sides are okay, but the back is killer. Are there any suggestions? I really don't want to have gotten that expensive treatment and then not having it work? Could it have something to do with the fact that my hair is so long (up to my shoulders)?

Thanks in advance!

ETA: The straightening took over an hour. There was no difference.

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I had the keratin treatment last week and I love my hair, its the summer and boy is it humid! I dry my hair with an 1875 blowdryer and do the root section first. Then I start with the back and pull the length of hair with a cushion brush. this process only takes 15 minutes and I used to do a roller dry that took over an hour. It helps to use the conditioner that the stylist recommends in this weather. I have a little bit of puffiness, so I run the flat iron on my hair for a few minutes, this makes the hair straight and shiny and lasts till the next shampoo. I only wash my hair twice a week, it doesn't get greasy. I am a 3a hair type and never could stand it natural, it was too wild and big. This treatment makes my hair look better than when I straighten it in the winter. I hope this helps you. Forgot to mention, that my hair is down to my waist, so it's long!! I also talked to my stylist about the puffiness you mentioned, and we decided that since it is a new treatment on your hair and the keratin washes out slightly every time you wash, it is probably best to heat up the keratin with a flat iron temperature to further bake it into the hair when you first have it done.

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Okae, so I did alot of research into this product and was totally sold that if it can work in African American hair then it can definatly work in my wavey puffy hair.

I was worng I paid heaps of money to get it done the 1st time and it took over 5 hours. I knew it was not right as soon as I left the salon because it was very hard to brush. Any way I gave it the benefit of the doubt and left it in for 5 days before washing it out (I still had to flat iron every morning). After the 1st wash it went straight back to puffy. The hairdresser re did it 2 weeks later which was nice, but I just washes it today after 6 days and it is no where near as nice as every one makes out. I definatly cannot get away with not flat ironing because of the frizz.
I must admit it feels a wee bit better.

I have no idea why mine is not as good as every one makes it out to be, I dont even mind having curly hair I just hate frizzy.

i had this treatment. you could try stretching your hair out as it airdrys. You either put clips in down at the bottom/ends of your hair (this never worked for me, the clips wouldn't stay in because you're hair is wet at the time, but it worked for others.), or you just constantly tug at your wet hair as it airdrys, which I did. It feels weird to be tugging at your hair when its wet, but when it would be dry after i tugged it when its wet, i would have beautiful waves instead of curls.

also, i feel like people have really high expectations for this treatment. I know that I did. On my 2nd month of the treatment, I was always complaining how my hair was still kind of curly/wavy. It wasn't until my treatment was completely gone/faded away (over the past month or so, all the keratin has left my hair. i had it done many months ago and can definitely tell that the treatment has reached its lifespan.), that I realized how frizz free it had made my hair and what a difference it had actually made.

Now the treatment is gone, its humid, and my hair is frizzing up like a poodle.
I did a lot of research on keratin and am also considering it. I have 3b hair too. It sounds like our hair type is especially tough to get straight. Sometimes it's common to have a spot that is more wavy than others. If you call the salon and complain they SHOULD have you come in and treat the spot (or the whole head, as may be the case in your situation) again.

You spent a lot of money. I would definitely call and complain.. especially if one spot is curlier than the rest!

Also, the treatments have more effect the more you do them. So your next one will be a bit better.
So here's the story..I went to a stylist who is used to dealing with straight/slightly wave hair. She did this treatment for free because she was told it would work on my 4a hair. She only used 2 ounces on my hair and in the end I had hair that was only softer, not less curl. Not by a long shot. I did an overnight DC a few days after my treatment and that was the end of that. It washed right out. no shine. no softness. To be fair, the DC I used had ammonium salt in it ( I didn't check the back because I figured SheaMoisture organic products were good for BKTs...not so!"

I had it done again, and this time paid 280 bucks. The result?
3aish hair. The technique was ENTIRELY different from the first time. More product was applied for one on towel dried hair. Then blow dried. Then flat ironed. The shampooed out. Then blow dried and then flat ironed again. My hair was sleek sleek sleek. I'm just a little sad that so much of my curl is gone..oh well. I think this brand had more formeldahyde ( because there were more fumes), AND she applied more heat.

I think technique depending on hair texture speaks VOLUMES.
I have 3B hair - I have never colored it, I washed it about once a week, I have been iron straightening it for 14 years now. I decided to try the Keratin treatment because it's damaged, lots of split ends and dryness.

I had the treatment done last week. It took about 3 hours. I did everything as told as to not tie my hair or get it wet. I washed it 4 days later because it was SO greasy! I used Keratin shampoo & conditioner I bought from the salon after my treatment. Then, I applied a Keratin smoothing treatment and let my hair air dry. My curls were right back! only a few of the curls on the top of my hair were relaxed, otherwise the rest of my hair was as big and full of ringlets and frizz as it was before, with a few sad, flat curls on the top! Needless to say, I will be calling the salon to complain - they need to fix this! These are not the "results" I expected, or lack thereof. The stylist said it would relax my curls! I don't see any of that happening! This is so frustrating! I paid $300 for NOTHING!

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