Pravana Relaxer

After two BKT treatments, I decided that the chemicals were not worth the fabulous results. After consulting and researching with my stylist, we decided on the Pravana Keratin Relaxer. The results are amazing, there is a video on Youtube that shows the process. I will post pictures, if there is a lot of interest. I haven't washed yet, so I don't know what it will look like. It looks straight and it shines like after the BKT, but no residue. It's soft and silky. Looking forward to a chihstai olive instant treatment.
check out my hat man and peep the way I wear it
I am really really ineterested in this..Can you pls post before and afters? thanks.
not sure how I do this.... how do u post pics?
check out my hat man and peep the way I wear it
I would love to see pictures too!

this is another good site to learn more about Pravana.
Hi I am having the Pravana relaxer done in a few weeks. Heard its great. Would love to see pics of your hair after the treatment...If you cant post them. please email them to me at Thanks!

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