Changed my mind

I've finally made up my mind which flat iron to get & it's going to be the TIGI Bed Head 1-1/4" to go with its "matching" 1875 Ion dryer I got yesterday on clearance at Target.

The chore is finding the cheapest place wherever to buy it.

Target doesn't have the flat irons.

Bed, Bath & Beyond never carried the 1-1/4" in-store. They do on-line, but it'll cost me shipping & tax on $49.99.

The retail store on the Air Force Base doesn't carry the 1-1/4". I guess I can always ask if they'll order it in. I wouldn't have to pay tax on it.

Ulta has it, but it's excluded from coupons & I'll have to pay tax on the $69.99 if bought in-store, maybe even if bought on-line (for $59.99?) because we have a physical store. I can't remember if shipping was free or not. has it for $59.99. I won't have to pay shipping. But we have Rite Aid stores (which I think has or had the 1-1/4" that I'd have to pay tax on),'s partner, so I bet I'll have to pay tax.

Folica has it. But they want $69.95 plus I don't see any indication of free shipping.

eBay has two. One is used for $29.99, but I don't buy used electronics without a full warranty. The other is $49.99, but I'd have to bid & I'm so not going that route. I bet I'd have to pay shipping too. Or I can buy it for $59.99 & get free shipping.

I can't seem to find it on & can't remember if they have it in-store.

Does anyone know where I can get this iron new for cheap?!


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Dont know about TIGI but I recommend my Solia. I got it at Folica and have not regrets or issues. It has been a year since I got it. They didn't charge me any shipping . However, it wasn't cheap but I think it was well worth it.

here is the link:
Do you get the 20% off coupons for bed, bath and beyond in the mail? If not i probably have one laying aroung here someplace. Not sure if they can be used online?
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The coupons can't be used on-line, & I also checked on tax, it's added in if I order on-line.

ETA: I checked with BBB today & they can order it at the store where I can use the 20% off coupon, but I'll still have to pay tax & shipping. It'll be the cheapest route I bet.

I checked at ULTA too & at the store it's $69.99. I didn't see any sale sign like I did on their website.

And I swear it was $59.99 on, but I just did another search & saw $69.99.

I changed my mind. This item doesn't seem to be the best of quality.

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