Touch-up Relaxer after 6 months

I'm using the Phytospecific Phytorelaxer Index 2 on my 3a/3b hair. Question - it has been 6 months since I had a full-head application done. Should I only do the new growth (assuming 1/2" growth every month) or the whole head? If doing new growth - do I leave it on new growth for full time, and apply to previously treated hair for the last few minutes (how long?), or not at all?
Thank you!
I'm not a hairstylist but ... You only retouch the new growth -- unrelaxed hair. Do NOT relax hair that has already been relaxed before. This may lead to breakage because the additional chemicals may weaken the previously relaxed hair. Don't panic if relaxer gets on some of your previously relaxed hair. Touch ups are messy and hard to control. Just make sure you don't overdo the time limit and rinse out properly and condition. Depending on your natural hair texture and hair's condition, you may not need to touch up every month, esp. with Phyto. You might be able to wait three months or even a year. I've used Phyto Index 1 once before and it actually isn't as damaging as other relaxers.
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Shampoo: nonsulfate shampoo and Suave Naturals sulfate shampoo when needed
Thank you!! I appreciate the response. I agree...I'm just going to do the new growth.

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