I got a relaxer...


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is this pic w a relaxer?
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Show us some pics & what made you decide to relax??
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Yes Please show us some pics!
What made you decide to relax?
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Bubblingbrownshuga, I just got a texturizer!

I've been on the transitioning thread for a few months now, challenging myself to let my natural curl pattern grow in and see if I could work with it.

I have been OBSESSED with my hair.'How do I handle the two texures? Is it growing well? Is that new growth I see curly or kinky? Will I like this? WHY AM I DOING THIS?' Those have been my constant questions since the summer. I had finally found products I loved (Deva One Condition, Heaven in Hair, Angell and Set-it Free) and suddenly, they were no longer working for me. How many times did I ask, 'What do I do now?'

I was ALWAYS stopping women whose curls I admired to ask what they use on their hair. NEVER did I get the same answer from any two women...and I am NOT a product junkie. I don't have the time or interest to try every possible product or combination of products until I find one that works...for a while.

But the real answer came about two weeks ago. At that point it had been a little more than six and a half months since my last touch up, I had 3-4 inches of new growth (according to my stylist) and suddenly I was having THE MOST DIFFICULT TIME, combing through my hair in the shower. I don't want to take 10 to 15 minutes just to comb through my hair. I wear my hair curly even when its texturized and I dearly missed the manageability I used to have.

So I texturized. The new growth has an even stronger curl pattern than the formerly texturized hair, which doesn't want to curl much at all. The same product, method and length of application time was used last week as was used last April...so we don't know why there's a difference in texture.

I'm on the hunt for styling cream suggestions now as that may work better than a gel. Don't really know.

But I realized that I thank God for giving people the wisdom to create products that can help me take care of my hair in much more manageable ways (20 seconds to detangle the new growth in the shower now!).

That's why I did it.
If I could get my hair to look like your "before" picture, I'd be ecstatic.
OMG i love the sims--But my computer has an intergraded video card and its a crppy one-so i wont b able to play the 3rd one i can barley play the sims 2!
Anyway--i love-love--love! your hair n if u ever relax it i will personally give u a cyber smack
o0o-u did relax? i thought it was a joke---*Cyber smacks ya* aww o0o well-may b u will go natural again?...one day?

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